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We Help Women Achieve Incredible Fitness!
We Help Women In The Dover Area Achieve Incredible Fitness!
Get Fit.
Get Empowered.
Feel Energized.
Hi Friend, I'm Heather DeWitt, Dover's Area Leading Fat loss Expert and a Specialist in Women’s Fitness. And I have a confession... I didn't even know what a gym was until I was in my twenties - it's true!

It's surprising I ended up as one of the leading women's fat loss expert, considering I grew up in the small town of East Millinocket, Maine where upwards of 70% of the population is overweight, obese and unhealthy.

Like many of the places we live today, the daily lifestyle of my hometown lent itself to junk food, being sedentary and fitness being a 4-letter word!

It wasn't until I realized the true COST of being unhealthy that fitness became a major part of my life

You see, whether you've experienced it yet or not, everything you do all day, every day is either made easier or harder by the level of your fitness...
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And I'm not just talking about going up a flight of stairs without being winded.

Getting fit can and will change your wasteline and give you a lovely figure - no doubt about it. But what you probably haven't considered is the impact improving your health and fitness has on every other aspect of your life from getting a promotion to falling in love.

At EvoFit, we help women go beyond the physical transformation...

At EvofFit, we help women transform their lives!

And this is what we call the EvoFit Experience.
Just A Few Of Our Typical CLIENT RESULTS...
Nothing feels better than being FIT, having FUN and getting incredible RESULTS!

EvoFit is your last stop to achieving the level of fitness you've always dreamed about.

The reason the results we deliver are typical amongst our clients is due to our tried, trusted and proven fat loss method - 100% unique to EvoFit!  Just check out these awesome EvoFit Ladies!
It All Starts With The First Step...
It's my personal goal to make a healthy impact in our community and in YOUR life.

You see, even if we haven't personally met, we have common goals and common values. Like YOU, my clients and myself - we just want to feel better...

We want to feel better about our bodies, our health and our lives. Yet most of us, just don't know how to arrive there... It all started for me when a friend invited me to my first fitness class and the energy and community I felt that day, transformed my entire life.

You could say, that first workout created a ripple effect that improved every aspect of my life.

There is a design and purpose for everything we do at EvoFit, and it is all there to get you the results you want.

Our NO-FAIL SYSTEM has been tested and proven by women just like you!

Whether you want to lose weight, drop a couple of dress sizes, get ready for a wedding, get your body back after having children or you just want to feel the best you've ever felt... It all starts with the FIRST STEP.

The First Step of the EvoFit Experience is to destroy every single fitness myth, lie and limiting belief you have about achieving the level of fitness you want and deserve... (read on and claim your FREE 7-day EvoFit Experience)
The 4 Fitness Myths That are keeping you from the body you want
Myth #1: You Must Do Cardio To Lose Fat
When's the last time you had fun on a treadmill?

I'm not going to lie... I hate doing cardio. And by cardio I mean spending 30, 40, 50+ minutes on a boring machine that doesn't go anywhere!

A major myth that keeps women from sticking to their fitness programs is thinking you have to sign-up at a stinky gym filled with men and run on the treadmill for an hour feeling like everyone is staring at you... No fun!
On top of being boring, doing long sessions of cardio has actually been proven to slow your metabolism and cause your body to burn muscle instead of fat... double ouch.

We have found and use a better way that actually helps your body build lean muscles and burn 243% more fat for 34 hours after you finish your workout. That's what we call a Win-Win.

Remember this: cardio alone, besides being boring, will never get you to your goals.
Myth #2: Lifting Weights Will Make You Bulky
I have another confession... For many years, I also thought lifting weights was for men and if I even looked at a dumbbell for too long I'd start to get bulky (huge lie)!

One day, a wise man at my first gym helped introduce me to weight training and it completely changed my body (ask me and I'll tell you the story).

One of the biggest misconceptions we hear often is that we, women, will get bulky if we lift weights... This couldn't be further from the truth.
Women are missing a major component necessary to build big muscles and get bulky... and that's TESTOSTERONE. Since we produce mainly estrogen, our bodies do not possess the ability to get bulky even if we wanted.

Weight training is essential to fat loss, building strong bones and having a lean and tone body. And at EvoFit we use a specially programmed form of strength training designed to compliment a woman's body.

Remember this: Strength training will help you burn fat and tone your muscles without ever getting bulky.
Myth #3: Getting Fit Requires A Lot Of Time You Don't Have
Of course you don't feel like you have time to exercise... Who has time for long boring gym sessions that don't get you results?

We certainly don't!  We have found that when you're doing something you truly enjoy and when you're surrounded by friends - you're able to find more time.

And that's why every single one of our sessions is jammed packed with friendly and inspiring women just like you; sweating to fun and exciting workouts.
Also, every single session we run is designed to make the most of your bodies fat burning potential. 

In fact, the real magic starts when you're finished with your workout... it's our secret AFTERBURN ingredient that will speed up your metabolism by 234%!

Remember this: Having time is relative to the enjoyment factor and fun fitness programs increase your results by 300%
Myth #4: Only A Restrictive Diet Will Get You The Body You Want
I used to think in order to lose weight and keep it off I had to go on a diet... And diets equal starvation, deprivation and boredom!

In fact, you've probably experienced this as well, the more I tried to diet, the more weight I would end up gaining weight from yo-yoing. And the longer I tried to diet, the harder it was to sustain.

One of the most damaging fitness myths that is keeping you from your goals is thinking you have to diet. 
Our most successful members never feel like they're on a diet and they also report feeling fulfilled and satisfied.

Our 4-Cycle Fat Burning Solution will allow you to eat the foods you enjoy, give you tons of energy and also turn up fat burning engines.

Remember this: Stop thinking "Diet" and start thinking "Nourish"!
Finally A Proven Step-by-Step Plan That Guarantees Results
Learn How Our 4-Step Process Works
Success Key #1: Develop A Powerful Mindset
The biggest problem with 99% of fitness programs out there is that they fail to first conquer the biggest hurdle... Your own mindset and beliefs.

We have learned that the most common limitation come from women not truly believing they can achieve their goals. Fortunately, every day we get to prove hundreds of women wrong!

As you develop your body, you'll also develop a powerful mindset that will help you tackle new endeavors and conquer old limiting habits.
Success Key #2: 4 Phase Fat Loss Nutrition Plan
Our secret weapon is our 4 Phase Fat Loss Nutrition Plan. With our Nutrition Plan you will never have to diet ever again. 

 No more feeling restricted, hungry or low on energy ever again.

You'll enjoy delicious foods within a structured program so you can begin shedding that weight. 

All while still being able to enjoy the foods you love. This is what the 4 Phase Fat Loss Nutrition Plan is all about.
Success Key #3: Metabolic Strength Training Method
Our exclusive Metabolic Strength Training is our answer to helping you burn fat, tone your muscles and get stronger - all in a single workout.

Our Metabolic Strength Training method is designed for women by women and takes into account your needs and concerns so you never have to worry about getting injured or getting bulky.

Our strength training program will shape, tone and transform your body faster than you've ever experienced!
Success Key #4: Supportive Community Tribe
When you join the EvoFit family, you instantly make new friends and tap into the power of community and teamwork which has been scientifically proven to more than double your probability of success.

My greatest pleasure is seeing every EvoFit member working hard and encouraging each other to thrive further during each session. 

If you are a woman from the Dover area who is committed to improving your health and you prefer to do so with a supportive team around you rather than in a cold, lonely gym by yourself, then join the EvoFit family.
The 7-Day EvoFit Experience
Take the Best Next step toward your fitness goals
I know taking the FIRST STEP is the hardest. And the most common remark I hear form clients is usually, "I wish I would have started this sooner!"

I want to invite you to take advantage of my FREE 7-Day EvoFit Experience.

The EvoFit Experience is designed to help you get a jumpstart on your fitness so you can continue to see great results. Regardless of your starting point, this program will help you take the RIGHT STEPS forward and avoid the pitfalls of starting a fitness program.

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The Types Of Results You'll Get At EvoFit
Warning: You May Experience These Side Effects!
  • ​Start fitting into all your favorite clothes
  • ​Feel so good, that all your family and friends will start to wonder "what you’re ON"
  • Stop worrying about how you look all the time
  • Gain all the confidence in the world to live the life you desire
  • ​Trim your mid section and lose that ‘back fat’
  • ​Get ready to buy new, smaller clothes!
  • Tone and shape your arms and thighs
  • ​Have abundance of energy so you can live each day to the fullest!
  • ​Attain optimal health and finally transform your life and physique!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you've gotten this far then you can see the results of EvoFit in Dover speak for themselves.

And after seeing the amazing before and after pictures...

And after having seen my special FREE 7-Day EvoFit Experience offer to you...

If you're still on the fence about trying us out... I'm going to remove all future risk for you.

Unlike most diet books, gym memberships, weight loss plans and fat-burner pills on the market, All EvoFit programs come with my personal, 100% no-nonsense Get Results Or It’s FREE guarantee.

I'm so confident that you'll love your EvoFit Experience that I back up every program with my 30 day TRY IT, LOVE IT and LOSE WEIGHT or get your money back guarantee!

So you not only get to experience 7 days for free, but once you decide to continue in one of our transformation programs, you'll be fully protected.

No More Sitting On The Fence... The only thing to lose is - the weight! 

Give yourself the opportunity you deserve and claim your FREE 7-Day EvoFit Experience today!
We Started By Taking The First Step Towards Our Goals At EvoFit!
Claim your no obligation FREE 7-Day EvoFit Experience and see why we got the reputation for helping women in Dover achieve incredible fitness!
Meet the CMO (Chief Motivation Officer) - Heather DeWitt
Heather DeWitt - CMO
Do you struggle to find the time to achieve your dreams or just want a jump start toward better health? 

Being in great shape definitely has its benefits. On top of having more energy to tackle life’s everyday challenges, you will achieve your goal! 

My philosophy is all about the fun factor. I strive to have each client whether its one on one or a group session to experience how fun and fitness can go hand in hand. 

Regardless of talent, ability, size or fitness level, I want people to believe in themselves and to try to the best of their ability; there is no such thing as failure when you're giving your best! 

Come try our FREE 7 Day EvoFit Experience today. I look forward to meeting you soon! 

Committed to your success,
Heather Dewitt
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